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Eco-trails in Saint Vlas

Located at the foot of Stara Planina, Saint Vlas offers exceptional opportunities for sea and mountain tourism at the same time. The presence of a sanatorium in the recent past proves that the air is extremely clean and healing. It is most beautiful in the spring, when nature wakes up to new life, the forest smells fresh, the birds sing their spring song, green is all around you. Autumn paints the whole area with a rich variety of colors.

The eco-trails are part of a special project of the Municipality of Nessebar, which aims to show tourists the rich cultural and historical heritage, as well as breathtaking panoramic views of the bay.

Eco-trail "Cote d'Azur" with a length of approximately 5 km. The passage time is 2-3 hours. It starts from Saint Vlas and reaches the protected area "Kalinata". The eco-trail is extremely easy and pleasant to walk. It is suitable for all ages.

The majestic Balkan eco-trail is 8 km long and the duration of the transition is about 4-5 hours. It starts from the holiday village "Elenite", reaches Kushu fountain, where there is a century-old oak of the species Blagun.

The Millennium History Eco-trail is about 6 km long and takes between 2 and 4 hours, depending on the tourist's physical fitness. It starts from the area "Ayazmoto" and ends at the tourist complex "Monasteries" Very easy to overcome for people of all ages.